Resolving computer problems quickly and efficiently is our specialty.


Avatar Computer Services was founded in 1992 and dedicated to the principles of providing friendly, honest, reliable and highly-competent computer, network and printer services.  Building excellent relationships with our customers is as important to us as is resolving technical issues. We have earned an excellent reputation from the first-class support we have been providing over the last twenty-three years.


We are a small-business specialist, but our clients range from small to large businesses and Fortune 100 companies.   


Our services include the maintenance, repair and upgrades of computer systems, the installation and maintenance of small-business computer networks and HP LaserJet printer service.



  We offer our own line of    high-quality custom-built computers and provide our existing customers with most computer products at very competitive prices.




    Providing reliable,       highly-competent service and support over the last 23 years.

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